The Sound of Silence in L’Occitanie

sound of silence first pic

A new wave of wellness across Europe teaches you the benefits of mindfulness in inspiring remote and historic places, so schedule quiet and peace in your life whilst travelling.

Mindfulness practices teach you to be in the present moment and are an invitation to an inward journey to your inner self in harmony with others and your own immediate surrounding, a more spiritual form of travelling.

Not surprisingly this new wave of tourism or simply the revival of eastern practices inspired by the teaching of meditation and yoga, is a refuge from the buzzing city life and from our connectedness with the technological world. Silent retreats help you to open up new ways of experiencing the new places you discover and recalibrating your emotional side at the same time.

The notion of withdrawal is at the heart of these retreats and places in my home region may help you to unwind, unplug and regain a sense of inner peace. Places like in the foothills of the Pyrénées in historic places like the Queribus castle (pictured), or on the Saint James track or in more remote areas like in the Parc national du Haut Languedoc are ideal locations to embark on a quiet journey.

Queribus Castle East side.
Queribus Castle East side.

If moments (even short ones) of meditation and silence in remote and historical places is something you wish to request on your next holiday with us, we can accommodate for this by scheduling meditation or yoga classes or simply enjoying the far-flung locations. Quiet historical villages set by the river, a xvth century windmill in the heart of the Sidobre National Parc, a day retreat in a local monastry, or visiting an 11th century chapel set in a remote countryside area are among the many places we can schedule in your tour.

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