Intensive Language Study Tour

A$2000 per week  - Longer stays available

Lessons: 7 Days/6 nights - 15 hours of personalised French lessons

Excursions/Tours: Daily accompanied excursions or cultural activities with me to practice your French in the context (additional costs for transport and museums)

Meals:  Breakfast and lunch or dinner per day provided by and shared with me during which you'll speak French or arrange your own lunch/dinner with my local recommendations

Room: Accommodation in a comfortable room with private bathroom in the historic centre of Albi in the South West

Max Guests: Up to 6

Teaches Kids: Yes - age 6 and up

Other activities: Meeting local people, bike riding, leisure walks or trekking, museums, cultural events, cooking.

Why pick a French Immersion Homestay?

I'm Emmanuel and teaching French language is my speciality. Feeling immersed at different levels is the philosophy that I aim to recreate. I have years of experience in teaching French and I'm local to the region. A French immersion homestay is a fun way to discover France.

Travel Alone or With Your family

At Maison Nénette we can accommodate a couple, friends traveling together or a family. A hassle free and safe option if  traveling by yourself or your family.

Customised to Your Level of French

I cater for different levels from beginner to advanced  I will work with you to develop a program to match your goals and needs. You’ll then practice in real settings what you’ve learnt during the day.

Discover France With Me, Family and Friends

I will be your teacher and guide. Discover l'Occitanie region with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, as you practice your French in different contexts including meeting local people.


My Approach to Teaching French

Over the years I have developed my learning principles that have proven to be effective strategies to learning a language. These 5 principles are relevant for all ages and levels aimed at consolidate your existing skills, enhancing your speaking skills and boosting your confidence. There are simple ones, yet rather effective.

My Learning Principles

Principle 1: Immerse yourself in French by using only the target language in order to give you more exposure but also to increase your listening skills. You might actually realise that you may understand more than you think. After all, English is a Latin based language. Think of all the French words that we use in English and that are also similar to English (40% of words actually). Yes it can be challenging at first, but you will gain so much out of it and remember, it is not about understanding all the words used but the general meaning.

Principle 2: Have fun learning and learn French by playing. Everyone enjoys games but don’t think it is only limited to children. Research shows that regardless whether you are a child or an adult you learn better when being an active participant. Over the years of teaching I have consistently used props and various language games to enhance learning.

Principle 3: Learn the communicative way. My first lesson is a short 40 minute one to assist you with requests and the mastering of asking questions. What you will learn will be relevant to your daily linguistic needs not the useless phrases that you first learn from your grammar book at school. Who could reuse ‘’la souris est en dessous de la table’’ (the mouse is under the table). See this  humorous video from Eddie Izzard in English.

Principle 4: Use technology to support these principles. I have developed an interactive system that will allow you to interact with new technology in relevant places to provide you with more learning in context situations. Having said that, my teaching also incorporates more traditional practices such as memorising, dictation and spelling with intensive grammar drilling. Unlike this guy in this French commercial, it is important to consider that new technologies will not always respond to your needs.

Principle 5: Meeting locals to enhance your learning. Learning by doing is also another important learning principle. Learning to express requests and desire when doing your daily market shopping, going to the post office, buying clothes, or participating in art workshops with local artists. So yes these kind of situations can be challenging when you tackle them on your own, but I will be present to guide you if needed and give you instant feedback. We will also practice before venturing into town to put your speaking skills to the test.




I really enjoyed the role plays between all the participants.(..) the class was very interactive and fun. Emmanuel was a great teacher, so patient and he made the course fun and kept it at a pace we could all learn at. It was real interactive learning.


The use of visuals and pictures helped a lot and the handouts as well that were given at every class. We were encouraged to be active participants to optimise our speaking opportunities. This was really helpful in building confidence. Emmanuel is an excellent teacher. He made the class fun and engaging.


The exposure to the French language prior to learning french was nil. Emmanuel is a skillful teacher who from day one ’’thrown us into the deep end’’ which in turn helped me to broaden my understanding of spoken French. This course has surpassed my expectations. Thank you for also enlightening us with cultural aspects of France.