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About me

My name is Emmanuel and I am a so called true local product of South West France. I was born in the town of Castres in the Department of Tarn. My family has lived in the region for generations and most of my relatives live in the town of Albi, where you will be based.

The Teacher

I am passionate about learning languages and have been teaching French for more than 15 years. I hold a degree in teaching French as well as a masters in German Civilisation and History. I am fluent in French, German and English. I have taught school aged children for many years and given evening classes to adults. My creativity is my main asset to make language learning fun and practical.

The Guide

Through my teaching experience I have continuously promoted the rich history and beauty of my home region and my main message has always been to experience French lifestyle and visit my home region. Whilst Paris is an obvious must it is worthwhile exploring the region deepening your understanding of a 'true' French lifestyle. People do not usually know where to start and this is where I can help.

I am passionate about history, architecture, arts and interior design. I take great pride in designing welcoming spaces in my homes linking past and present with a sense of authentic French styles. Having lived in Australia for a while I keep re-discovering the hidden gems, local stories and mysteries of the region which I am keen to share with you.

How to Book

  1. Send me an email with preferred dates and activities
  2. I will respond with a draft itinerary and price
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and make payment
  4. I will confirm your booking within 24 hours.